Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I adore spring. 

My mind cannot stop from wandering while doing housework. I dream of getting my hands dirty in the warm Earth, seeing the flowers blossom, and warm sunshine on my back. 

Even though spring has arrived on the calendar, it has yet to appear in Michigan. 

Some of my bulbs have begun to push through the soil, but they will be hidden in a matter of hours. Tonight we are suppose to receive 8 inches of snow and ice. Boo.

At least someone around here is optimistic. Josiah wont remove his nose from the window, and all he can talk about is "It's knowing Mama! It's knowing! Let's go on the sled!" I love him dearly! Until my flowers bloom outside, I will cling to the care of my houseplants...

Daily Inspiration -
     We are not promised skies always blue, but a Helper to see us through.
                     -Amish Proverb

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