Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Art - 3D Butterfly Cross

I have loved all the pictures everyone has been making with punch outs and wanted to design an Easter craft to do with Josiah. I wanted this craft to have a lesson intertwined so I chose to design a cross made out of 3D butterflies, both symbols of new life. 
{1/3 of the way done}
We used the leftover scrap paper from our Lenten Chain to punch out little butterflies. After we had a pile of paper punches, I took the background paper and drew out the shape of the cross with Elmer’s glue. Fill in the outline with glue and then place a collage of flat butterflies on top. Let that layer dry. 
{ Two layers of flat punch outs}
Repeat flat layers until the background of your cross is full. For the last layer I folded the wings of the butterfly punch outs upward and then filled in the cross with these 3D butterflies. Let Dry. Take the glass out of your frame (or else place in a shadowbox) so your art won’t be squished. Ta-Da! This project was so simple, but took about an hour due to letting the layers dry.
{I love the shadows of the butterflies wings}

Frame- $0.60
Butterfly Punch- $1.99
Scrap Paper- Free
Elmer’s Glue - $0.25
Total Cost - $2.84

Daily Inspiration -
But God will redeem me from the realm of the dead; 
He will surely take me to Himself. -Psalm 49:15

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  1. I loooove this!! Was doing an image search for butterfly punches and i love the combo of butterflies and the cross--wonderful!! I will definitely try it--and may blog about it, too. I'll definitely link up and give you credit!! Beautiful!! :)