Monday, June 20, 2011

Chaos - A New Job, Moving Update, and Sickness

Things have been hectic lately.

Reason No.1- I have a part time gardening job! I love the work.
I love being outside and I love working in gardens, so it was a perfect fit for me.
The downside is missing my kids more than I ever realized I would. I have been a stay at home mom since Josiah was born. I never knew what it was like to be a working Mother. My first day on the job was exhilarating, but as soon as I came home that night I knew this couldn't last.
I was an emotional mess.
I realized how blessed I am to stay home with my children. How blessed I am to have a loving and caring husband that provides for our family so I can stay home.
I realized that since God has blessed me with two beautiful children, I needed to take up my responsibility to take care of them. 
This experience has provided me with valuable insight into many things, such as my love for the outdoors/gardening, and also insight into the life of my husband and other working parents. For this I am truly grateful and I would not trade this experience for anything.

Now onto reason No. 2. We are moving on the 29th! We have yet to find a place to move to... but that is just a minor detail! Since our house had been on the market for a while with no offers, we decided to put it up for rent. In 2 weeks time of having it up for rent 14 people came to look at it! We had so many offers that we ended up renting it out for a little more than we listed it for! Its amazing to me how God can make things fall into place so easily.  
For a while we were anxious about selling the house. We knew God wanted us to move but how were we going to do that if we couldn't sell our house? We prayed every night that God would make our path clear and very obvious! I knew that all of this would play out in His perfect timing, and surely it has!
Many peers of ours had mentioned that we should think about renting our house. This came to be a repetitive thing until we finally stopped and realized that God was speaking to us through these mentors of ours! He had made it very clear, we just had to open our ears!

Our 3rd reason for chaos in this household was Leah's 1st Birthday party that we were planning. We had the menus planned, decorations ready... everything was rearin' to go. Until 2:30 in the morning last Thursday. I woke up to hear a strange sound coming from Jo's room and instantly my mind thought back to a similar night 1 year ago. I ran to Josiah's room, waking Brandon in the process, and opened the door. Jo was standing there with a tear-stricken face sobbing and calling my name in-between gasps of air.
The Croup was back.
 Leah and I came down with colds 2 days previous, so we decided to let her sleep and Brandon would just take Jo to the ER. The drive to the hospital must have been comparable to a NASCAR race because Jo has not stopped talking about it since! While they were in the Emergency Room Josiah received a shot of steroids to stop his throat from closing and also a breathing treatment. He had some X-rays performed on his chest to make sure everything was okay there. 
Praise God those turned out just fine!
That next day/night he seemed to be doing a lot better, all until he woke up Friday morning. By pure divine intervention my mother, an RN, stopped by to check on us. She took one look at Josiah and realized he was in the early stages of Respiratory Distress... a.k.a.- he wasn't getting enough oxygen.
We took him back to the doctor and found out that he not only has Croup, but Bronchitis, an ear infection, and a sinus infection. 
Needless to say, we had to cancel Leah's party. With both Leah and Josiah being sick I just couldn't think about hosting a party, and mostly, I couldn't let them around all those people and risk the chance of them catching another sickness on top of what they already had.
Brandon and I will just have to make it up to her another time. : / 

In the mean time we are busy packing and recovering! Thank you to our family for all the prayers and support during this crazy time. We love and cherish you all!

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