Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I know that this post is almost a month late... but I wanted to make sure I posted these pictures.
We had such an awesome time at our cabin in Oscoda over Memorial Day weekend.
We shared this weekend with wonderful people and amaaaaazing food!
I am soo thankful we have a cabin to call home on those lazy summer weekends where we can lounge by the lake, go tubing, or crawfish hunting.

 Grandpa & Bill talking politics
 Good Ole Danny Boy frying up some fish for dinner
The best ribs I HAVE EVER EATEN! Honestly, Uncle Chris is a master. 
 Have I ever mentioned that I love that my children have formed a close bond with my Grandmother?
She is by far my biggest mentor and one of my greatest friends.
 This is priceless. You can't beat sitting around the bonfire with friends and family, shooting the breeze, roasting marshmallows, and watching the sun go down. You just cant beat it.

 Josiah & Brandon sitting on the dock
 Our little family
 Josiah in his glory... throwing rocks into the water
What a perfect ending. He's soo dreamy....... ;)

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