Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visiting Grand Rapids

As if you haven't noticed, we've been doing a lot of traveling lately.
I always love traveling and discovering new places, so preparing to move across the state has been an adventure for us. We visited Grand Rapids last week and again the other day to find an apartment and a job.

Two weeks ago we came home feeling a little more comfortable with the area, but with no real answers yet. 
But throughout our day last week we could feel the hand of God leading us every step of the way.
Our morning was rainy and unsuccessful but later that afternoon Brandon was called in for an interview and we found a town-home for lease that is right around the corner from Cornerstone University!
Brandon is use to a 45 minute drive home from work every night so being that close to the school would be such a blessing. But an even bigger blessing came our way tis morning... Brandon got a call from the place he interviewed at yesterday... THEY OFFERED HIM THE JOB! Praise God! And as if that wasn't enough, we also heard from the management office of the townhouse saying our application was accepted and a house would be open Thursday!

We will be packing up this Wednesday and leaving Thursday! This is happening so fast I can't believe it!

Here are some pics & videos from our last 2 trips to Grand Rapids...
{Beautiful flowers and sculptures throughout town}
 {Downtown East Grand Rapids}
 {No biggie... it's only a parking lot! lol}
 {I'm gonna state the obvious here and let you know that there's a fountain in the middle of the street!}
 {Cute Restaurant, adding that to the 'Must Dine At' list }
{East Grand Rapids was super nice... but apartment searching there was fruitless...}
 {Love that old brick}
 {These videos are from our trip yesterday... we had a fun car ride!}

{We're headed to Grandpa Rapids!}
{Playing Peekaboo}
{Please tell me what Leah is doing with her feet... cause I have no idea!}
{Leah loves Ranch, just like her Daddy!}
Can't wait to move! 2 days left on the countdown!

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