Saturday, May 14, 2011

Enjoying Warmer Weather

I'm soo thankful the weather has been so nice around here. Josiah is always itching to go outside and burn some energy, so it's been hard to contain him lately since it's been so rainy.
Brandon was also able to burn all that extra energy he didn't have by pushing Jo on the tractor.
Leah and I played in the grass while the boys were hard at work.

The next day was just as beautiful so Leah practiced standing and Josiah played his favorite game, Throw-the-ball-in-the-tree!

We finished off the weekend by spending Mother's day with our beautiful Mom's, celebrating my Great-Grandpa's 99th Birthday, and finally... Leah taking her FIRST STEPS (on Mother's Day of all days!)!!! What a blessing!
God is soo Good!

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